This may inspire you or offend you …

Author: Karen Porter, RHN

For almost 30 years Karen battled severe IBS, & anxiety.

Forced to re-evaluate and take her health into her own hands, she started looking into alternative methods to help her heal where the traditional medical approach had failed. 

Karen’s health, and consequently her life, entirely shifted and she felt compelled to help as many women as possible to feel their absolute best!  

This will either inspire you, or for some, it may offend you.

You decide and you can let me know.  I’m 55, but regardless of my age, I really pondered and asked some of my colleagues if I should post this. Sure, I could have posted a picture in my top and shorts, but you might not have noticed the change.

**Note: This is not a “before” and “after” diet picture…

  • I am my happy self, months after I’ve had my kids. I am accepting of myself, but know that I want a change. (There is a difference when you don’t like your yourself, you yo-yo diet and you’re constantly fighting with your body, guilting and shaming yourself.)
  • This was me 2 months ago (actually looked the same up until 3 weeks ago). I am happy, energetic, confident, and feel good in my skin.
  • This is me now. My husband took this picture. I am still happy, confident, energetic and feel good in my skin, but something has changed. I’m down 11 lbs, my body feels good and I noticed some pain I’d had was gone!

What did I do??

I started doing something that I wanted to share with my clients. If you know me, you know that I’m a practitioner who walks the talk. I’m not just educated in it, I’ve experienced my own hell and back physically and mentally, and I eat, move, practice stress management and work on my mindset the way that I recommend to my clients, and have done so for years.  And if you follow me, you know that I rarely talk about weight.  Even my free January “5 lbs Challenge”, had a name change to “Feel Fabulous in 5 Day Challenge” (next one coming up July 26!) because weight loss is a by-product of a balanced body, it should never be your #1 goal or your only reason.  The #1 goal should be to feel your absolute best!

So that brings me to picture #3 – my bathing suit picture. As I said, I wanted to pilot this program myself that I am going to launch August 9th with a Beta group, who will get it at less than 1/3 of the cost!  So what did I do, and what am I rolling out??

It’s called Your Best Life Reset!

I’m so excited about it!  It’s the blueprint that first and foremost works on healing the body. It’s not a diet. It involves healing with food, for some it’s modifying down their exercise (yes, I’ve been exercising less), it’s working on managing stress, it’s breathing, it’s balancing hormones, and so much more!  It’s 12 weeks.  I am 3 weeks in and I’ve lost 11 lbs.  I surprised even myself!  But I didn’t do it to lose weight. I figured 5 lbs would be nice, but I was not expecting this. And I am 3 weeks in, so I’m going to start to modify. The biggest reason I did it was to be fully versed and know exactly what my clients would be going through, to know what questions they’d have, and to be the best coach and best resource possible.  This is not about shakes or pills.

Colleagues and I have done this and there have been many before us. I’ve seen it and know that it works.  And it doesn’t matter where you’re starting. You don’t have to be at a certain health level.  Some women lost 15 to 25 lbs. But not only that, it’s about the improvement in sleep, in energy, in balancing of hormones.  I was already good with those, but I can tell you when I went for a walk today, I kept springing into sprints because I felt so much lighter AND I realized that the pain I’d had in my hip and leg were not bothering me!

If you would like the coaching, support, accountability and community, to get these kinds of results, this is for you!  Your Best Life Reset!

Let’s make the rest of your life, the best of your life!



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