My Journey To

A Renewed Mindset


If you are here, you may be struggling with low energy, brain fog, digestive issues, headaches, or depression. Maybe you struggle to make it through the day or feel exhausted at night. Emotional eating might be something you can relate to. You know that self-care is a priority, but you do not know where to start.

I experienced this as well.

Turning 53 this year, I have never felt better, more healthy, radiant, and fit. I am energized, full of adventure and inspired daily.

My issue with weight didn’t catch up to me until I hit 30 with my first pregnancy. I added 75 lbs and my weight increased to over 190 lbs.

The struggle was real as I tried to lose the added pounds and the battle was on as I tried to maintain it. I dieted but the results were temporary, as I’d revert to my old way of eating after a while. I know the struggle of weight loss!

What was even worse was that for almost 30 years I endured digestive issues and was given the catch-all diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I was given different medications over the years. Depression and anxiety, which often goes hand in hand with IBS, set in. It was awful. Suicidal in fact. At the time I had no idea that the state of my gut was affecting my brain.

There was no way around it. I had to make a lifestyle change and it was not going to be through deprivation and removing a hundred things from my diet. With guidance, I learned how to change my diet, address different aspects of my lifestyle, and I learned how to prioritize. Then I learned how to use mindset to make things even easier to stick to.

I became mindful and focused on what my food and my lifestyle did for my body and how it made me feel. I learned how to make healthy, nourishing food taste delicious!

This metamorphosis guided me to obtain my certification in Return to Food Coaching, Mindfulness/Meditation Coaching and my designation

as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I had a newfound feeling of empowerment.

I went a step further and walked away from 23 years in the banking and mortgage industry to start my own business Karen Porter – Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach.

I am blessed to fulfill my passion to help women like you to improve their health and feel radiant by working on healthy eating, lifestyle, and mindset. You deserve to have a clearer path to your goals!

You’ll learn to enjoy what you’re eating and what it does for your body, mind, and overall well being, rather than just using the usual technique of what’s easy and convenient, or gives immediate gratification at the time, possibly followed by regret or health issues later.

Through one on coaching, group sessions, to retreats, I help you to discover your most radiant self!