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About Karen Porter

With Karen’s passion and commitment, her genuineness and compassion, she will not only encourage you, but help you to make the process enjoyable!

Turning 53 this year, I have never felt better, more healthy and fit, more energized and full of adventure, more inspired by others, more at peace with myself and others, or more happy and content.

I’d love to share this with you…

I can’t wait to help you live your most radiant life!

Karen Porter

Karen’s Background

Karen grew up in a loving family but had little to no concern (or knowledge) about healthy eating. Luckily for her, she wasn’t a big eater. Although she enjoyed adventures, she was not really active. She sucked at sports and almost any athletic pursuit, and therefore hated gym class! Again, luckily for her, a weight issue didn’t catch up to her until she was 30 with her first pregnancy.

Karen gained 75lbs and reached 190lbs. (Actually, that was the weight she got to when she stopped weighing herself. There were still a couple of weeks of pregnancy left to go!) She knows what it’s like to gain excessive weight and what it’s like (and what’s required) in order to lose it. Furthermore, she knows what it’s like to maintain it! She knows the effort that goes in to regaining your body, but also retraining your thoughts and emotions. She also knows that through dieting and exercise, you may be able to take off some weight, but it is temporary unless you make real lifestyle changes. This is the “process” or “journey” as described before.

porter_websize-20This is not about deprivation or removing a hundred things from your diet. It’s about changing your mindset. Learning how to make better choices combined with learning how to use healthy substitutions is key. You’ll learn to enjoy what you’re eating and what it does for your body, mind, and overall well being, rather than just using the usual technique of what’s easy and convenient, or gives immediate gratification at the time, possibly followed by regret or health issues later.

For Karen, there was an even larger driving force to make her change things. She had struggled for many years with digestive issues and had a multitude of tests done over the years. After other things were ruled out, she was given the catch-all diagnoses of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) that would cause havoc in excess of 20 years, her gall bladder was removed, drugs were prescribed, and hospitalizations occurred when things got really bad. Even worse than that, and something that often goes hand in hand with IBS is depression, which for Karen was severe and happened more than once. The depressions were sometimes linked to stress overload, but sometimes often seemed unprovoked, and these depressive times were awful. Being a “recovering” perfectionist (notice that this is an adjective in the current tense!), Karen knows when this can be beneficial, but that it can also be extremely detrimental in our fast paced, stressful lives. Having the knowledge and mindset that Karen has learned through several mentors, she is now able to help so many others to feel empowered with their journey to better health.

Through following a healthier way of eating, or committing to using mindfulness techniques, we deserve to have a clearer path to our goal. Yes, things will arise, but remember it’s a journey. Oh the places you’ll go!

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