Radiant You, Inside & Out!

6 Session Private One-on-One

->Do you wish you could lose stubborn weight? Maybe feel less bloated?

->Do you wish you had more consistent energy and didn’t feel so tired in the afternoon or evening?

->Are you tired of feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, not knowing where to start to make anything feel better?



Perhaps you’ve tried other things and they just haven’t worked. It’s time for a more individualized approach catered specifically to you.


I will help you to regain your energy, drop weight and feel better in your body, feel more mentally focused , less stressed, and happier. You’ll gain a better understanding of how to best fuel and look after your body, so you can have the confidence and knowledge to feel great, with less overwhelm about how to do it!


Here is a what my 6 sessions would look like. Cooking classes are an option. If that’s not where you need help, we will address other areas. What IS ALWAYS covered are the areas of nutrition, mindset, movement, sleep and stress management. Remember, this is catered to YOU and the specific areas YOU need help with.

· Our Initial consultation &

  Health Assessment (90 mins)

· Follow up Consultation #1 (90 mins)

· Follow up Consultation #2 (90 mins)

· Cooking class #1 or Consult #3 (90 mins)

· Cooking class #2 or Consult #4 (90 mins)

· Wrap Up / Final Consultation (90 mins)

**Includes –

1. Nutrition Recommendation – recipes, meal planning ideas

2. Supplement Recommendations

3. Lifestyle recommendations including movement, mindset & stress management


I know you see the value in the Radiant You, Inside & Out package and how it can help you move toward the vision you have for yourself of  feeling and looking healthy, happy, and vibrant! If there is anything holding you back from feeling as good as you deserve, we need to chat! It’s your time!

Payment can be made up front (with discount) or per session.