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Radiant You, Inside & Out!

Do you wish you had more consistent energy, less brain fog, fewer cravings for sugar or salt, more confidence in the kitchen or in yourself, and love the body you’re in? But you’d like a more individualized approach catered specifically for you?

As a Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach, I will help you to have a better understanding of how to best fuel your body, so you can have the confidence and knowledge to feel great, with less overwhelm about how to do it?

6 Week Private One-on-One

· Our Initial consultation (90 mins)

· Follow up Consultation #1 (75 mins)

· Grocery Shopping together (90 mins)

· Cooking class #1 (90 mins)

· Cooking class #2 (90 mins)

· Follow up Consultation #2 (75 mins)

**Includes –

1. Nutrition Recommendation

2. Supplement Recommendations

3. Lifestyle recommendations

I know you see the value in the Radiant You, Inside & Out package and how it can help you move toward the vision you have for yourself of eating better, and feeling and looking healthy, happy, and vibrant! If there is anything holding you back from feeling as good as you deserve, we need to chat! It’s your time!