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Return To Food 7 Day Challenge

Karen is an accredited Return to Food coach who is fortunate to have been personally mentored by acclaimed food expert, chef, author, and founder of the Return to Food Academy, Sherry Strong. Together we seek to end nutritional confusion.

Today, society is drowning in a deluge of nutritional information, manipulated by food corporations and mislead by labelling laws – only to buy food which isn’t actually real food anymore. It is obvious and inevitable that health and wellbeing is impacted, as well as the inability to lose weight, and truly feel great. Too many hard earned dollars are pocketed by a myriad of healthcare, food corporations & weight loss industries, or spent on every quick fix, pill and fad out there. How well is this really working? It’s time to look at this differently! Mother nature never intended for daily calorie counting! Let us help you to simply return to eating real food……

We offer a simple, inexpensive yet effective solution that provides clarity and awareness to access your natural, instinctual and intuitive guidance around food. It hinges on a unique set of empowering philosophies, insightfully developed by Sherry herself.

Information and sign-up for the Return To Food 7 Day Challenge returntofood

An incredible, power packed, interactive online course that will give you the tools to return to eating real food, deliciously and with grace. In addition, this information is available to you for life!