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Return to Food & Mindful Meditation Programs

Do you want to feel less stressed, more energetic, lose weight, and get in control of your health?

We offer the following programs (which are offered in single sessions and six-week programs):
1.) Return to Food. Let us show you how to feel better with healthy food. Learn More…
2.) Mindfulness/Meditation workshops. Let us help you bring calmess and focus into your busy lives. Learn More…
3.) Online Programs. Work at your own pace through one of our online challenges. Learn More…
*Both our Return to Food And Mindfulness/Meditation workshops are offered in homes, in schools/community centres and in offices.

Be empowered to improve your mind, body and spirit.

What we have to offer is like a gift. You can take off the pretty bow, unwrap the present and look inside. Alternatively, you can not only take off the bow and unwrap the present, but you can dive inside to get amazing benefits, the philosophies and the reasons, and the techniques and tips to make truly lasting changes in your life. The choice is yours, but I hope you’ll join me fully and reap all of the benefits that are available to you. We feel blessed to be able to offer this. You’re worth it!

What we will not do:
-Tell you to remove entire food groups from your diet or forbid you from eating a plethora of foods
-Tell you to count calories
-Tell you to just improve your willpower
–Scare you into eating a certain way
-Tell you that you have to meditate for an hour everyday to see any benefit
-Tell you that you have to go to Tibet and sit silently doing nothing for days