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I Know What I Need To Eat … Why Am I Not Doing It?


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We so often think that we just don’t have enough willpower to make healthy choices. But it’s awareness, education and working on our mindset that we really need, not willpower! 

Would you like to have your brain and body work at maximum capacity so you can get more done in both your business and your personal life?

Imagine being able to reframe how you think about food and your body!

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, you often hear me talking about food. However, one of the other key “ingredients” to feeling your absolute best, along with Nutrition, Movement and Stress Management, is Mindset. Though there are kitchen tips and recipes included, this course focuses on the Mindset. Having the right Mindset makes healthy choices so much easier. And having more flow and ease is what we want!

By the end of this online course, you will be able to identify your statements around food (your food story).  With module-specific worksheets, you will have an action plan to begin creating a new food story to help make healthy eating choices easier and you’ll have the tools that you need for success.  

This online course will work through 4 modules:

  1. Knowing where to start – we look at where we are now, what’s working and what’s not, what influences us, and understanding how food affects us.
  2. Identifying our food story and the recurring characters – each one of us has our own history with food (often shaped when we are young).  These are statements that we say to ourselves that affect our food choices.  We will look at reframing them.
  3. Assessing your hunger and eating mindfully – these are tools that we can use to help make better food choices, have a better understanding of when and why we’re eating, and improve upon that.
  4. Accepting and respecting our body now – learning how to treat our body like it is a luxury car and how that makes healthy choices easier.

Do you often…

  • struggle to get through the day?

  • feel tired?

  • lack energy?

  • experience brain fog?

$299 Special!

What you’ll get out of taking the course:

  • An understanding of why things aren’t working right now and why you’re feeling like you do
  • An understanding of your food history (what went into how you think about food)
  • Be more aware of your own food story and the recurring characters (the statements and justifications you say to yourself)
  • Have a unique action plan to create a new food story
  • You’ll have more ease in decision making when it comes to making healthy choices

Module 1

Knowing Where to Start

  • Let’s start with where we are right now, and look at the things that aren’t working
  • Society’s role in all of this
  • How focusing only on weight and dieting has moved us so far away from true health and happiness
  • A better way to feel good in your body
  • Empowerment through understanding of how food affects us

Module 2

Identifying Your Food Story & Your Recurring Characters

  • Where are we influenced?
  • Understanding that we have statements we say to ourselves around food that may not be true
  • Understanding that your individual history with food comes from childhood, adolescence and early adulthood
  • Allowing ourselves to see where the recurring characters come from

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Module 3

Assessing Your Hunger & Eating Mindfully

  • Reconnect with your body!
  • “Listen to your body” – a crazy but true statement
  • Learn the difference between a true “food” hunger and the other hungers that we have
  • How eating mindfully improves so much, including how you digest and absorb nutrients to make you feel more optimal

Module 4

Accepting and Respecting Your Body Now

  • Learning the art of reframing
  • It’s too easy to focus on the negative
  • How being unhappy with your body almost always works against you
  • You can’t shame your way into eating better
  • Your body is like a luxury car!

Bonus Material!!!

  • Learn how to set up your kitchen for success!
  • My 8 favourite recipes! 
  • Fantastic material to combat emotional eating!
  • My Healthy Quick Start Guide!
  • A 1 Hour Consultation to help you where you need it!

Are you ready to be at ease with making healthy choices?


What My Students Say

I was really excited to work with Karen on her upcoming online course as part of my Course Makers mentorship. A wonderful course at a fabulous price point, this is a must take learning experience for anyone looking to start eating better. You may already know things about eating better but aren’t doing it. Or you could be like me and don’t really know how/where to start to make better choices that will lead to actual results. Whichever camp you fall into, Karen’s course is for you! …

Samantha Fempire

I reached out to Karen Porter because I wanted to make a positive change when it came to my eating habits. Being a new entrepreneur, I no longer had the set eating schedule that was established in my 9 to 5…

Karen taught me that I could totally adapt what was learned and also demonstrated quick and easy meals that were not packed with sugar and carbs, and would allow me to feel full…

If you struggle with mindset, self-care and emotional eating… I highly recommend that you reach out to Karen Porter!

Dee Boswell-Buck

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